The Shu Bag – A Mighty Wind

A Mighty Wind

A column by our own Dave Shumann

Wow. Our new President has already made broad strokes, infusing the 2017 WSGC with his energy and vision. It’s contagious. Such pragmatism and purpose we could only dream of. Really.

On his mighty wind rides his hand picked blogger, Dave Shumann, aka Shu, aka me. Many of you know me, and generally I’m a silly man who can run his yapper. Twere I to offend anyone with my bloviations, merely consult another member, and they’ll tell you it’s just Shu, a harmless imp. Blog on.

49 years of golfing, and I think I may have found a little something…The Spirit of the Game. Did I need to pitch a fit when my game crashed? You can’t always win. It’s not about me, is it? Did I need to hope for someone to fail? That’s not nice. I wasn’t trying to think ungentlemanly thoughts. They just occur. Was anyone else to blame because I had a horrible lie after a seemingly perfect shot? No, I hit it there. Starting to realize that the gods are probably just testing me.

You might have your own anecdote to add.

Now I am finding that hitting it sideways is enjoyable in some sick way, and that shooting a bundle is usually kinda funny. Match play pillow fights encourage this attitude. I also find greater pleasure in saving my partners bacon if need be. We suffer enough, no? People cringe when I need to make a downhill left to right 4 footer, and they watch only because they must. They’ve seen pain, and they’ve seen me putt. Enough already! So rescuing my partner moves me closer to sainthood. This might sound selfish, but my spirit is protean, riding the wind, as we speak. It’ll be less selfish soon.

Rooting for a guy to pull off a shot he’s been bungling, even though he’s taking your money, is rewarded because I think my hope actually was part of his success. Part of (dare I say it) the mighty wind. The spirit blows by, and we don’t recognize it, because we look in the wrong places. I realize the risk of this sounding like the confession of a jerky golfer, but we all have our skills, and the lack thereof. But I know you feel the wind too, because I see and learn from you all. We like to Golf, and let the wind blow!


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