Registration: Register for this event on the eClubhouse website.

Format: This is an individual match play event.  Based on a field of 64, the field will be broken up into 4 flights based on handicap (A/B/C/D).  At the close of registration, a random draw will take place to decide the pairings.  Each match is based on handicap, so you need to determine your current course handicap prior to the match. The players need to decide which tee to play.  If you are not in agreement on the tee, flip a coin to decide the tee.

Scheduling: Once the bracket is out you need to contact your opponent to schedule the match.  The first round match needs to be played within 2 weeks of the start date.  No need to wait for someone to contact you.  Step right up and contact your opponent to let him know how eager you are to kick his ass. You can find your opponent’s contact information on the Members page of the eClubhouse website.

Bracket/ResultsGolf Genius President’s Cup Bracket

Posting: If you win your match, you need to update the bracket posted on the bulletin board outside the pro shop.  Also, after each match, you must turn in your scorecard in the box next to the handicap computer.


Date Time
02/04/2017 12:00 PM